These are recent projects. Some are complete, some are in progress. Every job is different and has it's own complexities and nuances. You'll probably see a case that resembles your own circumstances. Let me know what you've got!  
Secure Hard Drive Erasure
Financial Services Office
External Seagate Backup Drive


This external drive was used to backup company files before there was a server in-place. With the type of company that this drive came from, this means that this drive contains personal and financial data for employees of upwards of a hundred companies. Let's Destroy PII for 1000 people!!!


When I opened it up in Windows Explorer, the drive was 'empty' except for a single folder, which was also empty. So they gave up a drive that they thought had NO DATA, and therefore, safe to give away!


Not Quite!!! For demonstration purposes, I ran a data recovery with readily available software, nothing special here. After 13 hours, the recovery revealed 2 Windows XP backup files on the drive. That drive was used for backups!




Destruction Complete. Success!

Digital Data Destruction
Old Photos
Home User


This home user had two computers with old photos that they needed recovered. The computers also contained documents with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that could be used in identity theft. Under these circumstances, it's easy to see why they held onto the computers for so long.


Mission: Recover Old Photos and Destroy PII


June 8, 2015: Old photos recovered and uploaded to secure server for customer to download.

June 22, 2015: Two hard drives processed with Data Destruction Software leaving no trace of PII...



I don't take the photos, I just recover them...

Hybrid User 1
Mac Attack!


This client has 6 Mac laptops that go back to the late 90's. Most of the data that needs to be destroyed is personal, but he works from home, so there is also some work data as well.


The first thing to do is remove the drives from the laptops. Once that is done, the drives can be installed into my workbench systems and the Data Destruction can begin...


Details of the Data Destruction - pending completion of scans.

On Hold

Home User 2
Zombie Flash


This home user had a flash drive that had 4 QuickBooks company files and 12 years of tax returns as PDF's. This was highly sensitive data and needed extra care in the destruction process.


I ran a single pass with my NIST sanctioned and NSA commissioned data destruction software. Then I ran 2 to 3 passes with 3 separate data recovery softwares. None of the software even detected the presence of a partition, much less able to recover data. Success...