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Home and Office


Troubleshooting and "true repair" have become a specialty over the years. 


I'll come to your home or office.


With over 15 years experience, I'm confident that I can pinpoint the problem and execute a solution to get your computer running smoothly again.




Office and Home


  • Servers - Install, Build, Maintain

  • Workstations - Install, Build, Maintain

  • Configure File and Printer Sharing

  • Install and Support Proprietary Software

Secure Hard Drive Erasure Orange County

The main goal with Digital Data Destruction is to give you peace of mind regarding the disposal of your digital storage devices. What have you done with your old computers and external hard drives? Are they still in your office storage or in your garage?


Now you can safely donate or recycle them...

Call, email or text now for information or make an appointment.


949-510-8171 cell/text

HIPAA Compliant


Office and Home


Securely Erase Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from PC's, Mac's, Servers,   

External Hard Drives, Flash Drives and SSD's...


NSA Commisioned Data Destruction Method Approved by Medical, Financial & Government Agencies.



Have had excellent experiences using Patrick @ Plan B.  I have no idea if my issues present him with big challenges or not, which should give you some idea of my PC "prowess."  All I know is that he makes himself available on my schedule, shows up on time, is extremely knowledgeable, explains things kindly and patiently, is pleasant to have around--for however long it takes, and charges an extremely reasonable rate.  Every time.  Do I need to know anything else?  Recommend without reservation.

Nissa V., San Clemente

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