Plan B Computer Services is an Industry Certified, full service computer support company located in Mission Viejo, California. We specialize in small to medium office and home environments, and can help you manage your company's computer network and infrastructure.


Since 2002 Plan B Computer Services has serviced hundreds of satisfied customers ranging from consulting in corporate offices, configuring and managing business networks, building custom systems, and helping home users set up their email.

Patrick Carey
Owner and Lead Tech

Patrick has had a fascination with computers since he took a BASIC programming class in the back of a Radio Shack when he was 11. When he was 14, Patrick bought his first computer, an Atari 400, which he mostly used to play games, but was also able to use it for some BASIC programming. 


Patrick began working on computers professionally after continually breaking his own computer and having to fix it before his wife found out the next morning. This frantic environment developed his troubleshooting skills better than any classroom exercise or actual work scenario that has presented itself so far.


Patrick graduated from college in 2001 with a Computer Science Degree and started Plan B Computer Service a few months later. Along with the Degree in Computer Science, Patrick also has Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and A+ credentials.




“My main philosophy for computer tech is this: Keep it simple so that the technology in front of the user works, every time." 

Patrick Carey, Owner - Plan B Computer Services